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Episode 1: Unity Ritual

Bring more sacredness into your love making

Deep connection, mindful touch, and a ritualistic frame inspire you to transform your love making into a ritual. Bring back the butterflies in your belly and experience a deeply nourishing encounter with your beloved and yourself in this first episode called Unity Ritual. The intention of this Intimate Inspiration is to bring more sacredness into your love making. With this episode you find new ways to meet your beloved and yourself and experience the love and passion as if it were one of your first dates. Are you curios what this episode involves then listen to the samples below or buy the entire episode right away as a downloadable file.

Bring back the feeling of holiday into your bedroom with this guided audio as mp3. Total length: 2 ½ hours. The verbal inspiration fades out into orgasmic atmospheres after one hour. You can stop there or continue in your own flow.



Unity Ritual Free Samples:

11. Intro
22. Connecting to yourself
33. Eye Gazing
44. Opening of a love making bubble
55. Sensually exploring each other’s body
66. Genital exploration for her and him
77. Synchronising breaths and unity posture
88. Free flow with orgasmic atmosphere

How to prepare for this audio guide…

We invite you to prepare yourself for this date, as if it were one of your first dates. Further, please set up your bedroom aka play space before you start the recording, maybe you want to light some candles or dim the lights for this date. You can show up however you feel comfortable, either in some lingerie, or with comfy clothes, or even naked. This is up to you for this episode. Let us inspire you to revive the butterflies in your belly.

“The first thing that occurs to me, is the excitement before the happening. That alone is already a big plus! The fact that you’re really taking time for each other works very stimulatingly. So…the start of the session is very good.