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Do you desire to

  • bring more depth into your connection with your beloved?
  • Spark up the fire of your intimacy and revive your passion?
  • Explore new/different ways of meeting each other and bring more excitement into your relationship?

Welcome to Intimate Inspiration.
Your audio guide to a more adventurous, passionate and exciting sex life.

We create the atmosphere for you to embark on an exciting, fulfilling and unique bedroom journey and to step into a new experience with your beloved. In our audios we provide you with different hands-on guidance to support you in spicing up your intimacy.

Our hands-on guidance include:

  • Inspirations for sensual play:
    We are touching a variety of elements, each episode focuses on different aspects. In our Unity Ritual we inspire with tantric exercises like eye gazing, slow touch and breathing techniques. The guidance is intended to give you a creative stimulus. All verbal inputs follow a free flow musical part where you create your own ambience.
  • Amazing unique handpan tunes:
    For each recording our musician compose unique music. Handpan is a modern steel drum. Its sound supports you in vibrating higher with each other.
  • Orgasmic beats and atmospheres:
    Our DJ blends the words and the handpan sound together ecstatically and embed it in orgasmic beats that ignite your intimate movements.

Everything we propose is an inspiration, you and your partner decide according to your own desires how much you like to follow the instructions at the convenience of your bedroom.

Our intention is to inspire your intimacy and revive your sex life!

“We longed for some new spice in our sex life since a while as we stepped into some sort of monotony… guess you might know what we mean… we are not the couple to join a workshop or group activity, neither do we have the time with our kids to do an online course over hours. Intimate Inspiration with its hands-on guidance and this amazing music is just the perfect format for us to bring in new flavours into our bedroom.”

Anna & Mark

Intimate Inspiration is consumed at the convenience of your own bedroom. There will be a total of 7 Intimate Inspiration episodes available for you over the next 12 months. Each episode invites diving into different flavours of Eros and sexual explorations.

Intimate Inspiration episodes reach from:

  • bringing more ritual, Tantra and sacredness into your bedroom
  • to polarizing your energy and play with power dynamics
  • to exploring your primal sides
  • to sensual worship of each other and much more

Thank you for taking your time to explore each other and invite our Intimate Inspiration into your bedroom.

If you love Intimate Inspiration, please recommend us to your friends.
As artists we appreciate that you keep your recording to yourself and invite others to contribute to our project too. Thank you for your support and understanding.

With, from and in love, The Intimate Inspiration team.

“Intimate Inspiration is a guided intimate adventure in a perfect format. Through the guidance we opened up more to each other and could totally surrender. Even if we are already in a long term relationship we got to know each other in a new and different way that boosted our relationship.”

Carina & Patrick 

Ariane Lalakea

is the voice and the brain of Intimate Inspiration. She guides you with her instructions into the right setting and inspires you to expand your love making. Her highest excitement is to share love and inspire others to make more love, she believes through the frequency of love we can make a change for a better tomorrow. In her own relationships after the affection and passion of the first excitement with a new partner disappears she would wish for a voice, saying the right things and enabling a yummy setting to fully indulge into each other. Thus she came up with Intimate Inspiration. Ariane is a conscious sexuality and sexual empowerment consultant. Her work is focused to unleash our truth and inner beauty through intimacy and authenticity.


is creating the musical atmosphere and orgasmic beats. He is a multi-instrumentalist and performer from the archipelago of Sweden, he’s famous for weaving acoustic melodies with electronic rhythms in a unique style and special blend. Tune in deeper:


is sharing with his magical dancing hands this wonderful handpan tunes. Simon Mellberg is a Swedish musician and handpan virtuoso. Handpan is a newly invented instrument made from tuned steel. Follow Simon here:

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