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1. Does this sound like you?

You struggle to know what you want in your intimacy? Even if you know you have a hard time to ask for it?

You are stuck as a couple in the same old routines and would love to break out of those and spark up the fire of your intimacy?

You are curios about Tantra and Kink but don’t know really where and how to start?

You have a hard time to surrender, experience orgasms or problems with your stamina?

2. Schedule your free onboarding session

If any of the above is meeting you, then why not schedule a free onboarding call of about 20 min.

You can join this journey as an individual or together with you partner.

So we can talk and see how I can support you better. I like to talk and meet you in real time.

Book your FREE 20 min onboarding zoom call with Ariane

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2. Prices and sessions

These sessions are for you if you desire to

→ break through triggers and learn how to own them
→ deepen your level of trust and authenticity
→ improve your communication skills
→ experience the power of ritual
→ learn more about your desires, fears and boundaries in intimate connections
→ receive more practices and wisdom of Tantra
→ learn conscious kink tools and their effect on your relationship dynamic
→ open your heart a little bit more to the love within and among

The sessions are offered in packages of 3 each 60 min, mainly the content is customized to your needs to fully meet you where you are at. This is an outline of how the sessions could look like, the prices apply for all packages designed.

a) Going deeper

3 sessions a 60 min , 277€

Included in this package is:

  • Conscious communication tools
  • Emotional regulation and co-regulation practices
  • Guided love making ritual

b) Expand in pleasure

6 sessions a 60 min, 515€

Additional to the going deeper pearls we will explore

  • Power dynamics in relationships
  • Conscious kink exploration
  • Tantric Worship and ritual

Ariane Lalakea is a conscious sexuality and empowered intimacy consultant. Her intention is to support you in unravelling obstacles and opening up to find deeper levels of intimacy in your relationships.