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Intimate Inspiration is for heterosexual couples who

  • ..desire to bring back passion and fire
  • ..want to break out of monotony
  • ..prefer the convenience of their own home
  • ..don’t have much time or don’t want to invest much money in other sexuality related courses

We are here to prevent the fire of your intimacy from dying out and from looping in the same well-tried sex moves. Our aim is to give your love making more space and bring it back to priority in your relationship. We know sometimes making love diminishes daily routines. We offer a chance to revive, reignite and ascend your sex life. We know you still got it, you just need a little impulse to get back on the horse and this is what Intimate Inspiration is here for.

We are aware that this first release of intimate inspiration is exclusive for cishetero couples. We are looking into how to create an inclusive recording – if you would like to collaborate, please get in touch!

There is no previous experience in Tantra or Kink or therelike needed to be able to fully enjoy and indulge in the experiences. You don’t have to be spiritual or interested in spirituality to enjoy our recordings. Everything will be explained in each of the episodes and you choose how much you want to follow the intimate inspiration.

Everything that we propose is an inspiration, henceforth an invitation that you can accept or reject. It is important to us that you first and foremost listen to what you want and take it from there. Our episodes encourage you to find your voice, express your desires and open new gateways for pleasure for you and your beloved. Ultimately it is you who decides how much you follow our Intimate Inspiration and how much you go with your own flow.

We know life can be a lot sometimes. With Intimate Inspiration we invite you to create time for your love making and for each other, as also this can diminish over the time of being in a relationship. The actual guidance of each episode reaches from 40-60 minutes. After this there is always some continuation of orgasmic beats for another hour or longer, that gives you room to indulge further and take it to a next level if you want. The recording is complete after the voice finishes, so also here you can stop and end it.

We recommend using Intimate Inspiration as an agent to make a date for the two of you and even make yourselves up for that. So you give each other and your physical needs again the priority in your life it deserves.

From our experiences with our clients we cannot say whether it is the man or the woman who can be holding back or resisting an adventure alike.

  • Start with the intention for this sexperiment: “I would love to try something different, so we can meet each other in a new light”, or “i am longing for the times when we almost didn’t make it to our bed because we were so hungry for each other, what do you think of reviving the lust in our relationship
  • Be careful with your words and emphasize that Intimate Inspiration is an enhancement, a chance to do it differently, and to get your second wind in your love making.
  • Gift it to your partner as a special reward, or to a special occasion. This is your chance also to reactivate your seduction skills and make him/her want to do it with you.

Depending on the episode we share in each description what is needed to be prepared. Also in the beginning of each episode there is an intro that gives you an overview of what is to come and you can always pause the recording and set up the space, however you desire.

In any way, we recommend creating a space for this experience by lighting up some candles or making nice lights in the bedroom. It is always nice to underline the specialness of the experience by dressing up or putting on some makeup. In some episodes we will ask you to bring some toys to play with, or you can also buy toys in our webshop.

This is a feedback and idea from one of our first couples who tried it out, Bas and Jolanda, who thought “actually we would love it even more if the voice could talk to us personally”. So they reached out with the proposal to custom the guidance by adding their names in it, and yes of course if this is what you desire, we can make it happen for you <3 Please send us an email for personalised editions, the extra cost for this is 30€.

Unfortunately, we had to focus and start somewhere, even though we are aware that we are non-inclusive for LGBTQ+ beings. Please forgive us.

We are crafting less gender focused episodes for our future releases. If you desire to receive a non-gendered version, please get in touch with us, we are honoured to adjust the episodes for you.

We invite you to see it as an experiment and an exploration for yourself and your partner. This is an investment in your relationship, as you dedicate time to each other and dive into something different. If you are not happy at all with what we share, please get in touch with us and share moe about it. However, the recordings are non-refundable.

If you have any other questions that are not yet answered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are looking forward to talking with you. ❤️